Faith and Worship

Faith and Worship section shares with you articles of how Christians built a relationship with God, what true honest people are, how to get along with others, and more, helping you enter into true worship life.

By Grasping 3 Points, You Will Become Closer to God

By QingxinThe Bible says, “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you” (James 4:8). As believers in God, we all know that

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What Are the True Blessings
God Bestows Upon Man

By YimoSpeaking of God’s blessings, all brothers and sisters in the Lord are familiar with them. Because regardless of whether

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4 Principles of Living According to God’s Will

Hello brothers and sisters of Spiritual Q&A,I have a question I’d like to ask. As Christians, we all want to act in accordance with God’s will a...

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Many people have heard of Christian schools but what does it mean to have Christian education and a Christian school?

Christian Life

“Mom, you used to be so strict with my studies that I never had any time to play. You’ve changed so much for the better now and you speak so gently. I love you, mom,” said the innocent, lively young girl cheerfully as she lay flat by her young mother’s ear, and the young mother’s face flushed with happiness.This young mother’s name is Lexin, and when we hear her daughter’s simple expression, we can deduce that their relationship was previously not so harmonious, because of the pressure Lexin placed on her daughter regarding her studies.

Know Jesus

Know Jesus section contains sub-sections such as Miracles of Jesus, Parables of Jesus,

Second Coming

Jesus’ Second Coming section offers you insights into truths about the second coming of

Prepare for Jesus' Return

How do Christians prepare for Jesus’ return? Prepare for Jesus’ Return section shares

Salvation and Full Salvation

Salvation and Full Salvation section selects articles explaining the meaning of

Eternal Life

What is eternal life? Who has eternal life? Eternal Life section


Prayer can narrow the gap between us and God. But how

Daily Devotionals

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If Your Belief in God Is True, You Will Receive His Care Often

God’s changing of His intentions toward the people of Nineveh involved no hesitation or ambiguity. Rather, it was a transformation from pure anger to pure tolerance. This is a true revelation of God’s substance. God is never irresolute or hesitant in His actions; the principles and purposes behind His actions are all clear and transparent, pure and flawless, with absolutely no ruses or schemes intermingled within. In other words, God’s substance contains no darkness or evil.

Spiritual Growth

The most important one is spending time with God, studying and reading the Bible
How Can We Gain the Power of Prayer?

The power of prayer can miraculously change any situation, even the most challenging one. So, how can we gain the power of prayer? You can read this article to get the answers.

An 8-Year-Old Christian’s Joy From Being Honest With God

By Bao’ai, South Korea The words “It’s so hard to be a good person who speaks the truth” give voice to the thoughts of many of us,

Devotional Life: 3 Ways to Get a Fresh Start With God

If you are working hard to start or maintain your devotional life, please learn these three ways to get a fresh start with God

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